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Demo of code generation for C language family

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void model_dfun(
float * _dx, float *_x, float *mmpr, float*input
%for i,c in enumerate(const.keys()):
float ${c} = mmpr[n_thr*${i}];
%for i,v in enumerate(svar):
float ${v} = _x[n_thr*${i}];
float ${cvar} = input[0];
%for i,dfun in enumerate(dfuns):
_dx[n_thr*${i}] = ${dfun};
import ast
from ctree.c.nodes import *
from ctree.transformations import PyBasicConversions
# for future use, not needed now..
#index = ('i','j', 1)
#dims = ('n_i', 'n_j', 3)
## i*n_j*3 + j*3 + 1
def gen_index_arithmetic(index,dims):
s = []
for i in range(len(dims)):
tree = SymbolRef(index[i])
for j in range(i+1, len(dims)):
tree = BinaryOp( left=tree,
op=Op.Mul() )
tree = s[0]
for i in range(1,len(s)):
tree = BinaryOp( left=tree,
op=Op.Add() )
return tree
class PyBasicConversionsExtended(PyBasicConversions):
def visit_BinOp(self,node):
lhs = self.visit(node.left)
rhs = self.visit(node.right)
if type(node.op) == ast.Pow:
return FunctionCall(func=SymbolRef('pow'),args=[lhs,rhs])
op = self.PY_OP_TO_CTREE_OP.get(type(node.op), type(node.op))()
return BinaryOp(lhs, op, rhs)
def dfuns_to_c(dfuns):
c_dfuns = []
for dfun in dfuns:
dfun_ast = ast.parse(G2DO.drift[0]).body[0]
c_dfuns.append( PyBasicConversionsExtended().visit(dfun_ast).codegen())
return c_dfuns
if __name__=='__main__':
from ppi import G2DO
from mako.template import Template
template = Template(filename='')
print(template.render( svar=G2DO.state,const=G2DO.const, cvar=G2DO.input,
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